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Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F42046-0000
Excellent for use in closets, containers, tool boxes, camera cases and other storage areas to prevent rust and moisture, these canisters contain silica gel to effectively absorb moisture through perforations in the aluminum case. • One canister of Reusable Desi-Can™ Canister maintains a safe level ..
Ex Tax:¥300.00
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F42045-0160
Convenient, easy-to-handle cartridges with Natrasorb® TI indicating silica gel beads fit Scienceware® “Space Saver” Desiccators in addition to other plastic desiccators of similar size. • Beads change color from blue when dry to pink when moist • Contained in a durable, polyester felt bag with a per..
Ex Tax:¥548.00
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F42074-0020
These color-indicating silica gel beads are for use in refilling the Secador® auto-desiccator module which automatically regenerates them for thousands of cycles.Silica gel absorbs moisture from the air and is inert, non-toxic and non-corrosiveUnlike other desiccants, silica gel is non-friable and w..
Ex Tax:¥266.00
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