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Flask Support


Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: H18303-0005
This non-corrosive support stand with stainless steel mounting rod provides modern advantages over metal ring stands. • Compact polypropylene base has a smooth surface making cleaning easy; measures 21 x 16cm (8¼ x 6¼”) x 4.5cmH (1¾”) • Provides excellent stability; can be used to support a variety..
Ex Tax:¥1,020.00
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F38951-2008
These unique holders are perfect for keeping round and tapered bottom flasks upright. • Inside wall has a slight taper to the open bottom; allows a variety of flask shapes and sizes to fit into one holder • Wide base keeps flasks stable • Side slots can be used as sight windows • Molded from polypro..
Ex Tax:¥1,440.00
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F38950-0000
Round-bottom flasks of any size up to 10 liters are cradled securely in the stepped concentric rings of this holder. • Can be stacked together for convenient storage• Polypropylene plastic rack; not affected by spilled acids, alkalis or other corrosive liquids • Steam autoclavable at 121°C (250°F)..
Ex Tax:¥490.00
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