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Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F13374-0000
Felt tip marking pens are perfect for labeling all types of glassware and plastics. • Permanent, quick drying ink remains waterproof and smudge proof • Will withstand autoclaving when dry • Pen with handy pocket clip is 13.3cm (5¹/₄") long..
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Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F13382-0000
Versatile ‘space pen’ writes clearly on wet, greasy and other hard to mark surfaces. Use it under water, upside down and in the harshest of temperatures. • Excellent for marking slots on Southern, Northern and Western blots or for marking alignment dots on blotting filters placed over agar plates c..
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Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F13384-0001
Heavy-duty soft tip disposable pen comes in 7 colors and writes on glass, metal, ceramics, plastics, paper, etc. • Oil-based marking paint resists washing, weathering, mild acids and alkalis • Operates within the temperature range of -46° to 65°C (-50° to 150°F) • Withstands autoclaving at 121°C (2..
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