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Reward Points

Reward Points

Smart Lab Hub => Your Smart Choice

Each Smart Member can earn Reward Point (RP) and redeeming RP on all gift sets. There are different kinds of gift sets to satisfy different favourites and purposes. Gift sets are enriching all the time. RP is another satisfactory and enjoyment in addition to the smart shopping experience.

You can earn RP through:

  • Purchase – 5% of purchase amount is granted as RP for each purchase.
  • Referral – Earn RP coupon by referring SMLH to your friend and colleagues.
  • Special Promotion – Occasionally RP coupon is offered for special promotion. RP is granted once you are entitling to the qualification.

Reward Point Redeem

Go to “Membership” and select “Redeem Gift”.  Gift sets offer is listed by sub-category.  Each gift set is listed by redeeming RP amount with indicative price.   Follow the flow and select gift set to put into the shopping cart just like normal shopping.  During redeeming gift shopping, system updates your available RP as your buying power and will deduct your RP once you check out.