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360º Glove Chamber


Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F50030-0000
The Techni-Dome® Glove Chamber provides a generous workspace with a small footprint to preserve benchtop space. The unit’s two-piece construction allows for quick processing of samples. To use the Glove Chamber, simply open the top half, place materials on the included platform, and close the unit. ..
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F50032-0000
The Techni-Dome® Balance Enclosure offers generous space for safely positioning an analytical balance, in a virtually draft-free, compact environment. Simply lift the top, place your balance on the Damping Mount and then close the cover to begin use. • Smooth interior is easy to- clean, chemical res..
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: F24971-0000
The Techni-Dome® Observation Chamber offers excellent interior volume for observation of a wide range of processes, phenomena or classroom projects with a minimal footprint that preserves valuable counter space. • Smooth interior is easy-to-clean, chemical resistant and provides an unobstructed vie..
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