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Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: H50025-0008
Use these glove box port covers to seal off any glove ports to which gloves are not attached. Simply press the covers into the port opening until the flange on the cover meets the glove port. • One-piece construction with a neoprene gasket for a snug fit • Fit glove ports with a 20.3cm (8") O.D...
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: H50025-0320
Adjustable rings hold gloves in place. • H50029-0200 fit 6" Ports including Techni-Dome® F50030-0000, Portable Glove Box H50028-0000, Clear View 1 x 1 F50040-0000 or any glove box with 6" diameter glove port holes; sold per pair • H50025-0320 fit 8" Ports; sold per each..
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: H50029-0200
The Techni-Dome® Glove Chamber provides a generous workspace with a small footprint to preserve benchtop space. The unit’s two-piece construction allows for quick processing of samples. To use the Glove Chamber, simply open the top half, place materials on the included platform, and close the unit. ..
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: H50025-0020
Allows protected access without the use of long sleeve gloves to any glove box with ≈ 8 inch O.D. openings. • 30 points of pliant material afford easy access and withdrawal while maintaining an excellent seal around the arm • Best for unconstrained use of delicate instruments inside the Glove Box wh..
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: H50025-0009
Iris port cover works with H50025-0020 Glove Box Iris Port Entry. • Allows iris ports to be closed off when glove box is not in use • Includes foam gasket material to create tight seal..
Brand: SP Bel-Art Model: H50025-0010
After drilling a ⅜” hole in the glove box, this threaded metal tube can be inserted for attaching needle valves or hose ends. • Comes complete with nuts, gaskets and washers to ensure an airtight seal with the glove box • Tube measures 6cm (2½”) long with a ⅜ - 27 thread on each end; allows for atta..
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