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Bel-Art ProCulture Cordless Homogenizer Unit for Micro-Tube Homogenizer System

Bel-Art ProCulture Cordless Homogenizer Unit for Micro-Tube Homogenizer System
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  • Model: F65000-0000
  • Weight: 0.68kg
  • Dimensions: 20.32cm x 13.97cm x 3.81cm
  • SKU: F65000-0000
  • Location: Hong Kong
Hand-held, cordless homogenizer features a simple push in / pull out pestle exchange and is ideal for thorough and faster processing of one to many samples. Matched pestle tips and micro tubes can be used either with the homogenizer or with hand processing. • Pestles and tubes assure tight tolerances and thorough homogenization and grinding of materials resulting in optimal efficiency of pellet reconstitution or re-suspension • Pestles and tubes are chemical and heat resistant; colorant-free to eliminate potential leaching of heavy metals into samples • Tubes have 25% thicker bottoms than industry standard to ensure integrity during use • Each tube has frosted side and cap surfaces for labeling, a positive seal “snap-cap” design and a pierceable top for optimal functionality • Pestles have a unique ribbed shaft that provides precise finger control of homogenization for shear sensitive samples; also fit most motorized mixer adapters • Manufactured and packaged in a class 10,000 cleanroom; pestles and tubes are certified DNase, RNase and Pyrogen-free, and made of animal and phthalate/phthalate-ester free polypropylene with lot control and material traceability • Available in individually wrapped tubes and pestles over packed in resealable bags of 100 each or bulk packed in resealable bag with an additional heat-seal above the standard closure that indicates if the package has been opened Note: Sterilized products are not returnable.